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We have plowed up and replanted our website,
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Our Farming Operation

Our Farm is located near Muleshoe in the southern panhandle of Texas near the New Mexico state line, altitude of about 4000 feet and annual rainfall of about 16 inches.
Jimmy began farming in 1979 with 160 acres, we gradually increased that amount to try to stay efficient enough to stay in business. By 1993 we were farming approximately 1500 acres, and at that time we started organic farming practices on 250 of those acres.
Today, we farm about 3700 acres, mostly irrigated. Approximately 3500 of these acres are certified organic by TDA/USDA. The organic crops we grow are: Blue, White, and Yellow Corn, Valencia Peanuts, Soybeans, Wheat, Cotton, Black Eyed Peas, and Pinto Beans. This year, we will only have 170 acres of conventional production---all other acres are in organic production.

Why we became Organic Farmers

We basically got into the organic business, because we were tired of making very little profit from our farming operation. But of course the reality today is that we have discovered and fully appreciate the environmental benefits of organic farming, and we would never go back to conventional farming----and if organic profits were to diminish "we would rather quit than switch".

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